Marianne Mitchell | Denver Studio





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Marianne earned a BFA in painting from Washington University in Saint Louis, with post-graduate work in Japan, China, and at the Vermont Studio Center. A Mid-Atlantic Arts Foundation Fellowship recipient, Marianne has shown work nationally in New York, Washington DC, Philadelphia, Santa Monica, San Francisco, Denver, and internationally in Scotland and Germany. Her work hangs in many important collections including The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania and Sloan Kettering Cancer Research Center, and has private collectors across the United States and abroad including England, France, Germany, Australia, Japan, Tanzania, and Canada.


Marianne has a rare and precious talent; she is a true colorist.  When she puts down one color next to another an emergent quality arises and transforms them both.  Her unusual sensitivity to color is matched by an innate understanding of the emotional impact visual elements have in composing a work of art.
~ Richard Rosenfeld, retired owner and director, The Rosenfeld Gallery
Wow, this painting makes my spirits soar. Abstract work is mysterious to me and I lean way more towards realism, but the adherence to beauty in this work surpasses any other considerations. ~ Irene Dunn, portrait painter
We FEAST on your work Marianne!  I look at it when I get up every morning and just marvel..."  ~ Howard Casper, Collector


My paintings and oil pastels offer visual sustenance for the soul.  At once familiar yet unrecognizable these abstractions weave together luminous layers of color, value and texture, capturing tangible and intangible elements in nature and humanity.  Compelled by the universal tension in balance both around and within oneself, these visual poems convey an emotional, physical and spiritual sense of place.  They are meant to be a gift of timeless, resonant, truth and beauty.


The daughter of architects Ehrman B. and Hermine S. Mitchell, Marianne grew up in a home her parents designed and where she and her husband later raised their own family. The architecture of an open floor plan defined by glass facades and stone walls framing the Pennsylvania landscape, offered an environment of contrasts held in harmony that profoundly shaped Marianne's artistic vision.

Marianne's fascination with the space between opposing forces is carried forward in her work inspired by living "Out West" since 2012.  Dangerous weather couching brilliant luminosity and visible landscape holding immeasurable spirit give from to a new language of complement, creating works that connect the heart and mind through paint.